Saturday, 1 February 2014

How accurate are British crime stats?

Recently several British papers have reported that crime stats have fallen 10% in the previous year in English and Wales.

Crime in England and Wales falls by 10%

However, recently controversy has ensued as there is evidence to suggest that British police may have under-recorded crime to reduce crime statistics. As a result, statistics from police recording have been discounted in official crime statistics in England and Wales.

Police Crime statistics lose official status

The official crime statistics for England and Wales can be found here:

Crime Statistics period ending September 2013.

However, even these statistics may not accurate given that the Crime Survey only records data from private dwellings and not businesses or people living in university accommodation. A summary of the data collection process can be found below.

Hard Evidence: how accurate are British crime statistics.

What are the benefits of having a lower crime rate? How could the desire for a lower crime rate cause certain people or organisations to manipulate their data?

What could the Office of National Statistics develop a more accurate method of data collection?

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