Thursday, 6 February 2014

Water usage in a tough climate.

A Melbourne day can be highly unpredictable in terms of weather. The term "four seasons in one day" holds very true to the capital of Victoria. However, given that it is summer, the weather is considerably warmer than at any other time of the year.

As a result of the drought in the 2000s, Melbournians were encouraged to follow Target 155, or to limit the water consumption per person to 155 litres per day. Whilst the 2000s drought is over, Melbournians are still encouraged to meet Target 155. .

Heatwave sparks record-breaking water use in Melbourne households

Target 155 is generally accredited in assisting the water saving effort as water use dropped as a result of the campaign and has continued to stay below the 155 litre target despite the easing of water restrictions.Melbourne water use data

What data shows that Melbournians are using less water than before?

However, the increased temperatures over summer have meant that Melbournians are generally using more water than in previous months.

Weekly water use data-week ending 16/1/14

The data shows how much water is being used per person, per day. How much water in total does the population of Melbourne use? What information do we need to solve this?

There is some belief that Melbourne may be entering another drought. How long will the water supply last in Melbourne? What assumptions can be made to solve this problem? Is there any other information that is needed to solve the problem?

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