Sunday, 2 February 2014

Are Super Bowl ads worth it?

Where I'm from, the Super Bowl barely rated a mention until Janet Jackson's performance a few years ago. After that incident, interest in American football has increased significantly.

I have always found the obsession with Super Bowl ads perplexing. Given that this year advertises will spend $4 million for 30 seconds of air time one has to wonder, is it worth it? Recent research suggests that Super Bowl advertising may not be the best way to promote a brand.

What does $4 million really buy you?

In fact recent research conducted by Communicus suggests that only 20% of Super Bowl ads lead to an actual sale. Details of the research and findings can be found below.

Super Bowl ad sales

If Super Bowl advertising is so ineffective, maybe it is time for companies to reconsider their marketing approach. The research was conducted through independent interviews of a sample of the American adult population. A good sample should be representative of the whole population. So to investigate the effectiveness of the research technique, one could develop their own independent survey of Super Bowl ad effectiveness to test with their local school population.

But if Super Bowl ads are ineffective, how could a company better promote their brand with $4 million?


  1. I've often wondered if part of the Super Bowl ad "campaign" is the ability to say to one's target market and competitors something to the effect of: We're such hot stuff, we can afford a Super Bowl ad.

    1. That is an interesting point. As an Aussie, I've never understood the obsession with Super Bowl advertising, but that point may just be the whole purpose of the Super Bowl ad campaign.