Sunday, 16 February 2014

The mathematics of peace.

We all wish for peace. To ensure a fair go for all. When travelling almost everyone would prefer to visit a peaceful place over a hostile environment.

The 2013 Global Peace Index has attempted to rank 162 countries from most peaceful to least peaceful. One surprising statistic was the US was beaten by countries like Sierra Leone, Mongolia, Brazil, Morocco, and Nicaragua.

World Peace Index lists world's most peaceful countries.

How was this information gathered? The Global Peace Index and related statistics can get found below.

Global Peace Index 2013

Is the data collection method fair? Why or why not?

What are some limitations to this study?

How could someone devise a better study?


  1. The data for the peace full nation was collected for 163 countries the American are much lower than Sierra, Leon, magnolia, Brazil and Maraca about essay writer. This make collection and after mathematical collection. This leads for the holding data for the world peace full nation.