Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Piracy...it's a crime.

A recent report analysing the general public's attitude to piracy has been released.

New research reveals consumer attitudes to piracy.

Relevant data for the US response to the survey can be found here:
Piracy survey results

In contrast, here are the results for the Asia-Pacific region; including Australia:
Piracy survey results Asia-Pacific

What do you notice about the rate of Piracy in Australia vs the US?

Australia has a notoriously bad rate of piracy (eg Game of Thrones was most likely to be pirated in Australia). One of the reasons for this is that it us impossible to obtain many TV shown in a timely and affordable manner. I personally do not believe the respondents from Australia were truthful when they responded to the "What is the most compelling reason for you to watch pirated video content?" Question.

How could someone check the authenticity of the survey?

What are some flaws with the survey?

How could you design a better survey?

How could it be improved?


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