Monday, 4 August 2014

The perils of standardised testing...part two

Disclaimer: I hate standardised testing. I hate administering it. I particularly hate marking the one that requires teachers to mark it. But most of all I hate the way policy makers react to the results of standardised tests.

My second article on standardised testing relates to something closer to home for me. A recent study has suggested that missing just one day of school can have dramatic impact on NAPLAN scores. NAPLAN is the Aussie standardised test for those who do not know. 

Skipping school for just one day affects NAPLAN scores

Unfortunately, the data on which this article is based has not been formally released meaning there is at present no way to check data validity (will update post when data is available online). But one of the things I noticed is that the article specifically mentions that only unauthorised absences (such as shopping trips or holidays) affect NAPLAN results.

Considering that attendance at sports days or absence due to illness are considered authorised days, one could assume that according to the research missing school due to these reasons has no effect on student performance. Do you agree with this assessment?

Based on this information, do you believe the information in the article will be validated with the data?

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